About PhalFanatics®

PhalFanatics® was founded in 2019 by passionate Phalaenopsis hobbyists.  The more we learn about these fabulous orchids, the more we realize that there is so much more that we can learn.  The quest for knowledge is a never ending journey.

We share a quest for the newest hybrids and embrace the latest technology. 

PhalFanatics® is dedicated to assisting the Phalaenopsis orchid enthusiast on the journey from novice to experienced.


To provide support and education to both novice and experienced Phalaenopsis orchid lovers to become more successful.


PhalFanatic’s® Mission is to provide assistance to the Phalaenopsis orchid lovers through education and networking with others to enhance the growing experience.


1) Enhance and demystify the Phalaenopsis growing experience.

2) Increase the member’s appreciation through shared experiences and networking.

3) Sharing knowledge on different Phalaenopsis species and their contributions to breeding new hybrids.

4) Most importantly have fun and enjoy everlasting friendships through the love of Phalaenopsis.

Your PhalFanatics® Board Members:

President    Jeffery Young
Vice President Roger Lee
Dorothy Carmadella
Treasurer Kathy MacIntyre

Membership Secretary

Information Technology

Jamie Fang Lee

Brian Huang

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